David Hua, 20 years system, enterprise, cloud software development and testing.  Previously Group Engineering Manager in Microsoft Skype and Azure

Peter Zhang, 12 years in SCCM and Azure development. 3 years Splunk solutions. Previously senior engineer at Microsoft

Wilson Wong, 8 years system and mobile development. 2 years enterprise middleware. 1 year Splunk solutions. Previously senior engineer at Microsoft and Google

Ivan Li, 8 years Microsoft O365, Azure, Dynamics development. Outsourcing management. 3 years AWS

Dr. Kelly Zhang, 20 years engineering, outsourcing and business leadership. Director of Business development and Outsourcing Project Manager at Inspur Worldwide, Previously Microsoft Test and Project Manager

Founded in 2000 in China and expanded to US in 2015, we are a team of seasoned professionals with strong cloud and enterprise EXPERTISE 

Questions? Email: sales@haxgon.com  Call us: +1 206.484.3113